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hi ma


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vinuranjitha m.k - MEC ( ITE )     2013-08-18 11:43:29


hand deisgns


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1. Curd works wonders for removing dandruff. Apply it on the scalp and keep it for about 15 minutes before washing.

2. Using a teaspoonful of fresh lime juice as a last rinse during your hair wash is a good remedy for dandruff caused by an oily scalp. It also helps in removing stickiness. You can try this once a week.

3. Boil a beetroot in water. Massage this boiled water on your scalp every night before sleeping. Choose a white beet for the purpose as the red variety is sure to stain the pillows.

4. Take two tablespoons of green gram powder and mix it with half a cup of curd. Use this solution to wash your hair. Do this twice in a week for fast results.

5. Mixing apple cider vinegar and water equally and applying it to your scalp with a cotton swab also is useful.

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Google unveils upgraded Nexus 7 tablet

Heather Kelly, CNN
Hugo Barra, vice president of Android product management at Google, holds up a new Nexus 7 tablet Wednesday.
Hugo Barra, vice president of Android product management at Google, holds up a new Nexus 7 tablet Wednesday.
  • Google unveils new tablet, version of Android
  • The new Nexus 7 is slimmer and faster for $229
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.3 adds parental controls, profiles, Games center
  • First Nexus 7s available July 30

(CNN) -- Google is tightening its grip on the booming tablet market, with a new tablet, updated version of Android and a social take on games.

The company announced a new version of its popular Nexus 7 tablet during a press event Wednesday in San Francisco. Sundar Pichai, Google's senior vice president of Android and Chrome, unveiled a slimmed-down, speedier version of the tablet, which will start at $229 when it goes on sale next week.

The new Nexus 7, made by Asus, has undergone some subtle physical changes. The size of the device has been trimmed down while keeping the screen the same dimensions. The higher resolution screen is now 1,920 by 1,200 pixels, packing in 323 pixels per inch. The amount of RAM has been doubled, and the CPU is twice as fast as the previous Nexus 7. The company also said that it has improved its speaker performance and that it can last for nine hours of high-definition video playing.

Netflix will be one of the first apps to take advantage of the new video-friendly specs. The streaming-video company's new Android app will stream movies at 1080p on the Nexus 7.

The device will run Android Jelly Bean 4.3, a new version of Google's Android operating system.

Google unveils $35 device that streams video to your TV

Tablets are on track to take over PCs, and Google has a bigger stake in the boom than its own flagship devices. Half of all tablets sold worldwide are based on Android, according to the company.

"By the end of 2013, consumers are going to buy more tablets every year than personal computers," Pichai said.

The new version of Android 4.3 will have parental controls so you can prevent the little ones from seeing saucy content or inappropriate apps. There are also user profiles for tablets that end up in the hands of multiple users.

The company expects to have more than 70 million tablet activations this year. Many of those users are downloading content such as apps, music and movies from the Google Play store. The Play store has more than 1 million apps and has seen more than 50 billion downloads, according to the company.

A new app, called Google Play Games, is similar to Apple's Game Center. In it, Android users can see what games their friends are playing and go up against other users, checking out their accomplishments on leader boards.

Older Nexus devices will also be able to test out the Android upgrade -- existing Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Samsung devices will receive over-the-air updates for the operating system.

The Wi-Fi versions of the Nexus 7 will be available starting July 30, and an unlocked LTE version of the tablet will go on sale in the coming weeks.

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nail arts


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my creativity..


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True beauty is in the way she laughs
True beauty is in her eyes
True beauty is how she acts
True beauty is inside of Every GIRL...... :)


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for u..............


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bridal design


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arabic design



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Mehandhi Design


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