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"In the history of the universe, there has been nobody like you and to the infinity of time to come, there will be no one like you. You are original. You are rare. You are unique. Celebrate your Uniqueness."
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Re - discover your fascinating Presence

Have you observed when a child enters a room everyone in the room just gets attracted by the child's mere presence? The child doesn't have to make any effort. It all happens naturally. We communicate more by our presence than by our words. But, as we grow up, somehow we miss taking care of this sublime aspect of our lives. Our presence weakens as innumerable impressions of our past experiences accumulate and clog our mind.

How do we restore that child-like freshness, friendliness and naturalness in our lives? This is possible through simple yet powerful breathing techniques like . The techniques help cleanse different layers of our existence, right from our body to the subtle layers of our self from stress and past experiences restoring our charm and presence. 

How soon do you want success?

Everyone wants to be successful in life. But, is success just having a big bank balance and a luxurious living? One may have a big bank balance; but, if the body gets sick, one cannot enjoy what one has. Many times, people spend half their health to gain wealth and spend half their wealth to gain back the health. Is this really success?

Imagine a state when your problems stop being problems, you get the strength to willingly face them with a smile and turn them into opportunities. Don't you think this is a sign of a successful person? This is what the Art of Living techniques can get you to.

The earlier you explore yourself with yoga, pranayam and meditation, the faster you get to accelerate success in all aspects of your life.

Get an unshakable personality from within

Knowledge & self-help books are easily available everywhere but what books cannot transmit is the personal charisma, the presence, the friendly and warm atmosphere a person carries along with him/her. The ancient practices of pranayam and meditation taught in the Art of Living programs enhance this charisma by uplifting the spirit, intuition, creativity, enthusiasm, intelligence and strengthen your personality.

You get the confidence and the ability to acheive whatever you want in life with an unshakable smile. This also makes an impact on people around you to look up to you as an inspiration.

Take your first step to discover the hidden aspects of your personality by filling up the form.


P.Nandhini Priya - MEC ( ITE )     2013-09-24 17:19:06


            After washing the hands in your taps,please close the tap tightly.
          During rainy season ,save the water by constructing any pond or tank.        
           As a college students,we must give awareness to our surroundings and to school children.

             Use less amount of water for washing.
            Plant the trees atleast  monthly once.so that only,rain will come.if the rain come,we can save the water.
                                                               thank you friends:-)

G.Venkata Subasri - MEC ( ECE )     2013-08-18 12:02:30


Dear friends, while thinking on typical important missions that will bring societal transformation through competitiveness and propel the vision 2020 missions of India, we could find common grounds for new challenges and opportunites for investments in India. They are the following:

Agriculture and food processing: We are in the mission of generating 400 million tones of food grains with reduced land, with reduced water and with reduced workforce from the present 200 million tonnes. New technology needed in agriculture area from seeds to cultivation to grain, food process and marketing. Value addition in the farm produce will be the focus in our 11th plan period for the reason that it will have impact in the increase in productivity and economic growth. This entire chain will enable employment particularly in rural areas in a big way.

Infrastructure: At this juncture, infrastructure development is a crucial area for development in India. India is aspiring to build hundred million homes within next ten years. The infrastructure development in metropolitan and tier-2 cities needs to be enhanced in the form of new bridges, airports, marketing complexes and industrial units. 40% of the rural areas need to be covered with all weather roads; we need to double the present national highways ratio per 100 square kilometer area. Simultaneously, we are in the process of developing ports, railway systems and airports. For example, the Indian Construction Industry employs over 31 million people for its asset generating activity of around $80 Billion (Rs. 310,000 crore) which includes expenditure of $50 Billion (Rs. 200,000 crore) incurred by the Government. This will need development of specialized quality human resource in all the spectrum of infrastructure activity.

Energy: When I addressed to the nation in 2005, I have set a goal of realizing Energy Independence (coming out of fossil fuel) by the year 2030. When our population may touch 1.4 billion people, demand from power sector will increase from the existing 130,000 MW to about 400,000 MW. This assumes an energy growth rate of 5% per annum. Electric power generation in India now accesses four basic energy sources: Fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal; Hydroelectricity; Nuclear power; and Renewable energy sources such as bio-fuels, solar, biomass, wind and ocean. We need a major thrust in solar energy and wind energy for generating over 120,000 MW by 2030 through these two renewable energy sources. Similarly we are planning to harness over 65,000 MW from hydro power sources and 50,000 MW from nuclear energy sources.

Water Mission: We have a mission on the Networking of Rivers and the task team is evolving the plan of action. Meanwhile, I have also suggested to the state governments interlinking of rivers and other water sources within the state. Number of state governments is actively pursuing this mission. This mission will eliminate the periodical problem of floods experienced in a number of river basin states and manage the draught in most of the time and ensure availability of water and power throughout the year. In addition nation has to embark on water harvesting and desalination of sea water as national missions. Simultaneously another major mission is to create and strengthening the inland waterways programmes and convert into smart waterways.

Sustainable Rural Development through PURA: In India, the development of a rural sector is very important. Government, private and public sectors have been taking up rural development in parts. For example, starting an education institutions, starting a healthcare centers, laying roads, building houses, building a marketing complex, giving a communication link in a particular rural area have been taken up in the past as individual activities. We have a rural development programme PURA which envisages an integrated development plan with employment generation as the focus, driven by provision of the habitat, healthcare, education, skill development, physical and electronic connectivity and marketing.

PURA Mission: The entire country will have 7000 PURAs (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) encompassing over 600,000 villages. The theme of PURA, apart from concentrating on reinforcing agriculture, will emphasize on agro processing, development of Rural Craftsmanship, dairy, fishing, silk production, so that the non-farm revenue for the rural sector is enhanced, based on the core competence of the region. Also the rural economy will be driven by renewable energy such as solar, wind, bio-fuel and conversion of municipal waste into power. In this approach, the aim is to make sustainable development using the core competence of the rural sector.

The programmes which I have mentioned above has social, research and technological content. It has substantial amount of business opportunities leading to economic growth in the globalized scenario.



                                                                                                                                               FINAL YEAR(MCA)


U.A.GREESHMA - MIT ( MCA )     2013-07-22 19:11:23