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Health Issues:

Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) of Mahendra Engineering College organized awareness program onHealth Issues. Resource person was Dr. Dhavasree M.B.B.S, D.G.O., Gynoecologist, S.K.S.Hospital, Salem. Nearly 600 girl students and faculty members have attended and benefitted.

The gathering was welcomed by Dr.S.Umamaheswari, HoD/EEE.

Few highlighting points in her address:

Women’s lives have changed over the centuries. Historically, life was particularly difficult for most women. Aside from the numerous dangers and diseases, women became wives and mothers often when they were just emerging from their own childhood. Most women in the past did not live long enough to be concerned about menopause or old age. 

There is credible information available to women not only on such problems as eating disorders,stress,alcoholism, addictions, anddepression, but also on basic topics such as goodnutrition, heart health, andexercise.

It is beneficial that a woman maintain her optimum weight. If a woman’s waist size measures more than 35 inches (89 cm), she is more likely to developheart disease,high blood pressure, anddiabetes. Eating sensible meals, eliminating after- dinner snacks, and making physical activity a part of daily life are significant ways to help control weight and lower the risk of a long list of health problems.

We are very much thankful to the management for their kind coordination in organizing such events for the benefit of women.


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Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) of Mahendra Engineering College celebrated International Womens day on 8th March 2015. Various events for girl students and faculties have been conducted. Chief Guest invited was Mrs.Vidhya D.Khulkarni, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Salem Range. Thirumigu.M.G.Bharthkumar, Chairman, Mahendra Educational Institutions presided over the function in the presence of our dynamic Managing directors Er.Ba.Mahendran & Er.B.Maha Ajay Prasad. The gathering was welcomed by Dr.S.Umamaheswari, HoD/EEE. Our Beloved principal Dr,M,Madhewaran  felicited the gathering.

Roll of women in a various fields and how the transformation taken place from house wife to technological world. Women is playing a significant role in the society and one has to realize their inner potential to come up in life. Also roll model of eminent women personalities and their hardships they faced before attaining the success were highlighted by our respected Chariman sir.

                                We are very much thankful to the management for their kind coordination in fixing the Chief Guest and generously sponsoring for the successful conduct of the program.  Following the various events, best performers were given with certificates and to end with Mrs. C.Dhavamani, HOD / Aero proposed vote of thanks.


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                  India is celebrating Engineers Day on Wednesday, which is celebrated every year on September 15 to mark the birth anniversary of Sir M Vishweshwaraiah.

                   Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshwaraiah was a noted Indian Engineer of all times. He was also honoured with India's highest honour Bhata Ratna in 1955. Vishweshwaraiah was the man behind the flood protection system. He served as a chief engineer during construction of Krishna Raja Sagara on the Kaveri River near Mysore. Several dams still functioning were built under Visvesvarayya.

This year's Engineers Day celebration is of more importance as it turns 150 this year.


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see tis.....


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worlds 15 most intelligent animals
15. spiders
13.sea lions
1.great apes

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boys running with indian flag

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a beggar sleepnig with adog in a street

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ESWARI.K :- he is not a begger ,he give a imports to dog also     - 10-08-2013 13:29:14


mother and son

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lijiabraham :- he is a real son...........verry verry nc photo     - 17-08-2013 17:54:42


The Value of Education  Motivational India

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Mother in Exam Hall with Baby Child India Inspirational Motivational

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body appendix

The appendix gets a bad press. It is usually treated as a body part that lost its function millions of years ago. All it seems to do is occasionally get infected and cause appendicitis. Yet recently it has been discovered that the athat help your digestive system function. They use it to get respite from the strain of the frenzied activity of the gut, somewhere to breed and help keep the gut's bacterial inhabitants topped up. So treat your appendix with respect.

U.A.GREESHMA - MIT ( MCA )     2013-08-09 11:37:53



body ovum

Just like a chicken, your life started off with an egg. Not a chunky thing in a shell, but an egg nonetheless. However, there is a significant difference between a human egg and a chicken egg that has a surprising effect on your age. Human eggs are tiny. They are, after all, just a single cell and are typically around 0.2mm across – about the size of a printed full stop. Your egg was formed in your mother – but the surprising thing is that it was formed when she was an embryo. The formation of your egg, and the half of your DNA that came from your mother, could be considered as the very first moment of your existence. And it happened before your mother was born. Say your mother was 30 when she had you, then on your 18th birthday you were arguably over 48 years old.

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Despite what you've probably been told, you have more than five senses. Here's a simple example. Put your hand a few centimetres away from a hot iron. None of your five senses can tell you the iron will burn you. Yet you can feel that the iron is hot from a distance and won't touch it. This is thanks to an extra sense – the heat sensors in your skin. Similarly we can detect pain or tell if we are upside down.

Another quick test. Close your eyes and touch your nose. You aren't using the big five to find it, but instead proprioception. This is the sense that detects where the parts of your body are with respect to each other. It's a meta-sense, combining your brain's knowledge of what your muscles are doing with a feel for the size and shape of your body. Without using your basic five senses, you can still guide a hand unerringly to touch your nose.

U.A.GREESHMA - MIT ( MCA )     2013-08-09 11:36:11



body eye

Your eyes are very sensitive, able to detect just a few photons of light. If you take a look on a very clear night at the constellation of Andromeda, a little fuzzy patch of light is just visible with the naked eye. If you can make out that tiny blob, you are seeing as far as is humanly possible without technology. Andromeda is the nearest large galaxy to our own Milky Way. But "near" is a relative term in intergalactic space – the Andromeda galaxy is 2.5m light years away. When the photons of light that hit your eye began their journey, there were no human beings. We were yet to evolve. You are seeing an almost inconceivable distance and looking back in time through 2.5m years.

U.A.GREESHMA - MIT ( MCA )     2013-08-09 11:35:46



body mite

Depending on how old you are, it's pretty likely that you have eyelash mites. These tiny creatures live on old skin cells and the natural oil (sebum) produced by human hair follicles. They are usually harmless, though they can cause an allergic reaction in a minority of people. Eyelash mites typically grow to a third of a millimetre and are near-transparent, so you are unlikely to see them with the naked eye. Put an eyelash hair or eyebrow hair under the microscope, though, and you may find them, as they spend most of their time right at the base of the hair where it meets the skin. Around half the population have them, a proportion that rises as we get older.

U.A.GREESHMA - MIT ( MCA )     2013-08-09 11:35:21



body dna

Surprisingly, not all the useful DNA in your chromosomes comes from your evolutionary ancestors – some of it was borrowed from elsewhere. Your DNA includes the genes from at least eight retroviruses. These are a kind of virus that makes use of the cell's mechanisms for coding DNA to take over a cell. At some point in human history, these genes became incorporated into human DNA. These viral genes in DNA now perform important functions in human reproduction, yet they are entirely alien to our genetic ancestry.

U.A.GREESHMA - MIT ( MCA )     2013-08-09 11:34:50



body atoms

Every atom in your body is billions of years old. Hydrogen, the most common element in the universe and a major feature of your body, was produced in the big bang 13.7bn years ago. Heavier atoms such as carbon and oxygen were forged in stars between 7bn and 12bn years ago, and blasted across space when the stars exploded. Some of these explosions were so powerful that they also produced the elements heavier than iron, which stars can't construct. This means that the components of your body are truly ancient: you are stardust.

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body astronaut

If sci-fi movies were to be believed, terrible things would happen if your body were pushed from a spaceship without a suit. But it's mostly fiction. There would be some discomfort as the air inside the body expanded, but nothing like the exploding body parts Hollywood loves. Although liquids do boil in a vacuum, your blood is kept under pressure by your circulatory system and would be just fine. And although space is very cold, you would not lose heat particularly quickly. As Thermos flasks demonstrate, a vacuum is a great insulator.

In practice, the thing that will kill you in space is simply the lack of air. In 1965 a test subject's suit sprang a leak in a Nasa vacuum chamber. The victim, who survived, remained conscious for around 14 seconds. The exact survival limit isn't known, but would probably be one to two minutes.

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U.A.GREESHMA - MIT ( MCA )     2013-08-09 11:33:09


Steve Jobs introduced the iCloud service at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in June 2011.

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Wipro proposes t

NEW DELHI: IT major Wipro has proposed to set up telecom equipment and product security test and certification centre, making it operational by October 1. It has proposed to the Department of Telecom that it will set up the centre in phase manner, segreg

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Wipro has launched the Wipro Co-Innovation Centre for SAP Solutions in Bangalore. The focus will be to drive innovation based on SAP solutions. Wipro anticipates that participants in the centre will develop best-in-class solutions based on the SAP Hana platform, as well as next-generation technologies including mobility and analytics to offer integrated offerings based on SAP Hana for customers. 6th Aug 2013 is Organ Donation Day

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Wipro has launched the Wipro Co-Innovation Centre for SAP solutions in Bangalore.

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Exceeding industry growth rate of 40-45%, Wipro has recorded a revenue increase of 70%. With business from


Wipro exceeds industry growth rate, records 70% revenue growth

Europe and Japan growing at the rate of 100%, firm officials predict the future growth to beat industry standards. However, Wipro also hinted on the possible slowdown in the recruitment drive of software professionals.

BANGALORE: Wipro Technologies’ revenue grew by 70 per cent for the financial year 2000-2001, to register Rs 1,769 crore, while the Indian IT services and products arm of the company, Wipro Infotech grew by a mere 3 per cent. However the firm's chairman, Azim Premji, said, "We are very bullish of the market and confident that we will register more than the industry's growth rate which is stamped at 40 to 45 per cent in software exports by Nasscom."

Overall the company registered a revenue growth of 35 per cent for Rs 3092.2 crore. Wipro Tech contributed 57 percent followed by Wipro Infotech at 27 per cent, consumer care and lighting offered 11 per cent and 5 per cent was contributed by other services of the firm.

On the software export front, revenue from America decreased to 64 per cent from 70 per cent in the previous year. In contrast, export to Europe increased from 24 per cent to 29 per cent and in Japan from 5 per cent to 6 per cent. However Wipro Technologies vice chairman and CEO Vivek Paul said, "This is because Europe and Japan are growing at 100 per cent and so the contribution in terms of percentage from America will decrease. To catch on early the company will be aggressively making its presence felt and marketing its services in Europe and Japan."

"Europe is a leader in the wireless space and did not invest much in the dot.com hype, so they are well placed, this will prove advantageous to Indian firms who will now shift focus on exploiting the potential held by the European market." Wipro Infotech president Suresh Vaswani, said: "The growth reflects the elimination of MNC brands that were formerly being marketed by the company. We are aggressively pushing the Wipro brand in the market and will continue to perform better than the industry standards."

On the recruitment front Paul said, "We will recruit as and when the business requires. Last quarter we have recruited about 921 employees while this quarter it was a mere 444. Utilization of professionals dipped to 62 per cent from 63 per cent as registered to last quarter. The gross utilization of the group has been 66 per cent to enable optimum utilization of the available manpower before going ahead with future recruitment of professionals." Wipro Technologies had recruited about 3,287 people in the year ended March 2001 taking the total to 9,934.

"Industry data for the year is not available as of now. Based on our estimate of industry performance, we believe that we have grown ahead of the industry in all our strategic business segments and we have achieved operating margins comparable to the best in the industry. Looking forward, predicting the future, we anticipate that we will grow ahead of the growth rates for Indian software exports and in other business segments as well," added Premji.



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Happy Friendship Day!!


Shalini.B - MEC ( CSE )     2013-08-04 10:04:26


N Chandra named Best CEO in the Institutional Investor's 2013 Annual All-Asia Executive Team Rankings
TCS wins a total of seven awards in the recently released rankings

For the third consecutive year, TCS’ CEO & MD, N Chandra was named as the “Best CEO” in the Technology / IT Services and Software sector in the Institutional Investor’s 2013 Annual All-Asia Executive Team Rankings that was released recently. CEO Chandra received the most number of votes from Sell Side and Buy Side.

Apart from this recognition for the CEO, TCS also won five more awards in the rankings, which included the following:

  • Best CFO - Second Place: Rajesh Gopinathan - Nominated by the Buy Side
  • Best Investor Relations Professional - Second Place: Kedar Shirali - Nominated by the Sell Side
  • Best Investor Relations Professional - Second Place: Kedar Shirali - Nominated by the Buy Side
  • Best Investor Relations - Second Place: Nominated by the Sell Side
  • Best Investor Relations - Second Place: Nominated by the Buy Side

The Institutional Investor’s 2013 Annual All-Asia Executive Team rankings recognize Asia's Best CEOs, Best CFOs, Best IR Officers and the companies with the Best Investor Relations in different sectors across Asia. Around 991 investment professionals from 550 buy-side firms and 600 top-rated sell-side analysts from 75 brokerages participated in the survey this year. Respondents were invited to nominate up to four CEOs, CFOs, IR professionals and companies in each sector across the entire region (excluding Japan). All votes were weighed by place and aggregated to produce two distinct rankings (buy side, sell side) for Best CEO, Best CFO, Best IR Professional and Best IR Company.


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Bonsai (盆栽) are potted miniature trees which are carefully styled to achieve an aesthetic effect. The concept was first imported into Japan from China more than a thousand years ago. Since then, a distinctive style of this art form has been developed in Japan.

Various techniques such as the trimming of roots and wiring are used to keep the trees small but in proportion to how they might have looked if grown in nature. This achieves the effect of condensing the appearance of a natural tree or forest within the pot, leaving room for artistic imagination.

Typical Trees

Typical trees used in bonsai include those with needled leaves such as pine trees (matsu), with broader leaves such as maple trees (momiji), with flowers such as cherry trees (sakura), and with fruits such as quince trees (karin). Some art pieces also use grass as the subject.

Some trees purposely feature white colored, dead parts without bark to represent the struggle of a tree in nature. A partially dead trunk is called shari, while a partially dead branch is known as jin.


Bonsai come in various styles. Below are some of the most commonly encountered ones:

  • Formal and Informal Straight:
    The trunk in a formal straight bonsai is straight, and the pinnacle of the tree is in line with the body and the base. In case of an informal straight bonsai, the trunk slants slightly, but the top of the tree still ends up directly above the center of the base.
  • Slant:
    As the name suggests, the entire tree is slanted to one side.
  • Cascade:
    Rather than in an upright fashion, the tree grows downwards to one side to a degree where its pinnacle ends up at the same height or lower than the pot, like a tree at the edge of a cliff.
  • Forest and Multi-Trunk:
    In a forest style bonsai, multiple trees are grown in the same pot, carefully fashioned to mimic a forest. A multi-trunk bonsai is similar to the forest style, except that the multiple trunks have a common root, i.e. they are actually a single tree.
  • Rock:
    The tree grows on a rock with its roots anchored in the rock's cracks or in the soil below.
  • Other Elements

The pots and stones used are also important elements in bonsai. Contrary to their Chinese counterparts, Japanese bonsai tend to use pots with less flashy colors. The idea of deriving beauty from simplicity is prized, and containers used usually have earthen or dark colors. Stones or rocks are not chosen for their rarity or value, but are selected according to how they can blend in and contribute to the aesthetics of the art piece.

How to appreciate Bonsai

The way to appreciate bonsai is to first look at it and gain an overall impression, and then to lower your line of sight to the same level as the art piece. Try to imagine yourself being small, looking at the tree in a natural environment.

Where to see Bonsai

One of the best places to see bonsai is the Omiya Bonsai Village in Saitama, just north of Tokyo. The village is a collection of bonsai nurseries that relocated there from Tokyo after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. The village also has an excellent Bonsai Art Museum which explains well the various aspects of bonsai.

Another excellent area to see and purchase bonsai is the Kinashi Bonsai Village in the outskirts of Takamatsu. Get off at the rural Kinashi Station, a seven minute ride by local train from Takamatsu Station in direction of Okayama. Kinashi is a leading producer of pine trees used for bonsai as well as actual pine bonsai pieces. Over 30 nurseries are located in the rural surroundings of the station.

Single bonsai plants are sometimes encountered as displays in Japanese gardens or in the alcoves of traditional Japanese rooms.



Suganya.S - MEC ( ITE )     2013-07-24 22:39:31


All at the click of a button on your mobile phone. Sounds improbable?

"The industry will be 5G ready by 2020. The idea is to increase the thru-put by 1,000 times with 1,000 times more spectrum and 1,000 times reduced energy," Wen Tong, head of the 5G mission at Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telco, said.

A group of telecom firms such as Huawei,
Ericsson and Samsung have started groundwork on 5G. "This is one of the top priority areas for us. We started work on this in 2009. The standards for 5G will be out in 2015 and rollout could be 2020. We will lead the 5G revolution," he said. Huawei started work on 5G in 2009 and has already deployed 200 engineers on the R&D work.

Companies are working towards common technologies to make it both effective cost-wise and tech-wise. 5G becomes important in a world where more gadgets and appliances — from houses and cars to consumer goods — get connected to the internet through the mobile phone.

India, which is stuck in the red-tape quagmire on telecom, is in the throes of a telecom revolution with billionaire
Mukesh Ambani rolling up his sleeves to launch 4G services sometime in 2014. A 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband internet access with USB wireless modems to mobile devices.

Betting on the Indian business , Huawei aims to double revenues to $70 billion by 2017. It has implemented a Total Unit Programme for its Indian staffers whereby senior employees who complete three years will be eligible for equity stakes. The pilot, launched in India in February, covers around 500 employees.

(This correspondent was in Shenzen at the invitation on Huawei)

Suganya.S - MEC ( ITE )     2013-07-24 21:25:51


Educational News:
BANGALORE: The newly introduced system of e-payment of fees in CET 2013 resulted in chaos for both students and officials on Thursday. Hundreds of students who had baggedundergraduate professional college seats were unable to get their admission tickets due to complications arising out of the fee payment mode they chose.

The students who wanted to pay fees for the seats bagged after the first round of counselling had to go to the KEA ( Karnataka Examination Authority) website. They had to log in using their password as in the option entry process and choose either net banking or challan payment. The downloaded challan would contain name of the CET applicant, reference number, amount to be remitted and the account to which payment was to be made.

But many students chose to go directly to the banks instead of the website and transferred the amount through net banking. Since most students had no accounts, the transfer was made through their parents' accounts. The KEA records reflected the parents' names and not the names or CET numbers of the students concerned.

"There were some 14,000 direct payments. We were unable to reconcile and generate admission orders as we did not know who was paying the money. It is a Herculean task for us. We sorted out 9,000 of them by 8pm. We hope to finish the rest soon," said SP Kulkarni, administrative officer, KEA on Thursday evening.

"KEA has only one account. It is for all courses, including PGET. With no reference numbers, things are unmanageable," he added.

KEA site fails too

Students making e-payments through the KEA website had a harrowing time. Like Netra Ramesh, who opted for an architecture seat, went to the Indian Bank branch with the downloaded challan and made the payment.

"When we tried paying online, it said the amount was debited but transaction failed. We did not get the UTR number. Since we had only limited time to pay the fees, we went to the Indian Bank and paid the money. They were quite helpful," she said.

Suresh S (name changed), a student from Mysore, could not move to the next page after logging onto the website. KEA officials said all technical issues are being sorted out.

Confusion prevailed at the KEA centre in Malleshwaram when many parents unaware of the changes made in the payment mode landed up at the centre with demand drafts as done in the previous years. "The new process was not mentioned in the brochure and many were not aware of it. The confusion was thus created," said KEA officials.
Source: Times of India
By Nandhini Priya IT,MEC

P.Nandhini Priya - MEC ( ITE )     2013-07-12 14:34:52


Dear Students,
                I am so happy to have spent a day with you on 11.03.2013.
                The scenic campus of Mahendra Institutions with its thirst for knowledge and empowerment deserves my appreciation. My interaction with you and your faculty is a memorable experience.
                Indeed, the talents you exhibited and the discipline you showed deserves my praise and wonder. The launch of this website is very innovative and first of its kind. My heartfelt congratulations to the Founder and the Secretary of Mahendra Institutions, for providing this space to the students, of which, I hope, they make the maximum benefit.
                Self Respect, Rational thinking, Values and Empowerment – should be your keywords. Freedom without responsibility is a calamity. So aspire to reach the sky with your wings, while firmly footed in your mother tongue, village and never forget your Alma Mater.
                All the Best – Rock!
Thamizhachi   Thangapandian


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